Watching a show triggers dream meaning

Date: 1/28/2019

By MessengerMoira

I dreamt a few days ago that me and a group of friends (all of whom I’ve never met) were hanging out. We were outside watching a gigantic building sized owl flying back and forth to check a group of animals and then a large nest of owl eggs. (This means I spend most of my time tending to my kids and my clients...IM the giant owl. I spent the rest of the day being crammed in the car with these friends going to the movies laughing connecting until we found ourselves in a large restaurant kitchen hanging out I connected with one of the friends the most and was confiding in her. Then a bunch of women came out of a car towards the glass doors of the kitchen and then the dream ended. Had no clue who those women were or why they were there but was watching an episode of the goldbergs and there was a part where the mom and her friends were walking out of a car at night in slow motion...the same exact way it happened in my dream. The episode was about not letting motherhood get in the way of finding friends...this show was an echo from my dream pushing me to find friends and be more weird how it all happened.