The massive UFO sighting

Date: 7/10/2017

By Purple

My dream was so surreal. I was sleeping elsewhere, I'm guessing Colorado or Utah, because outside my bedroom window, in the middle of the night, I saw three spinning lights coming closer toward the earth. It was the stereotypical UFO, disc-like and orb-like in shape. At first sight. It had three lights. At first sight. But as it approached closer toward the earth's mountainous terrain, this UFO was quite huge. It was the size of a city. The disc-like portion of the UFO was only one part of it. The rest of the body looked like part space-ship, but didn't have any harsh edges. It was a very advanced design that I can't explain now. While the three lights remained prominent as this foreign ship approached, I could see hundreds of smaller lights, as if it was a flying hotel, as all the other windows had working occupants—none of whom I could see. The UFO reached closer and closer, and I was pretending to be asleep as I watched from my window with one eye open. I almost wanted to be kidnapped to see what it was like inside and what these foreign creatures looked like. In my dream, I knew without a doubt, these were creatures from another planet. I knew the government knew as much as they could about such sightings, but were sworn to secrecy. The UFO hovered for a few moments, and then took off. I don't know if they took a sample from earth or a person, animal, or plant—or nothing at all.