Windy day

Date: 6/13/2019

By bdenson

Vicki a coworker of mine and I went to sit by some water I think to relax . It was very windy out and things were kinda blowing around . I also felt that we were sitting kinda close to a road cause I could hear lot of traffic passing . We go to sit down and I could feel the wind just blowing my hair around in my face and all of a sudden I look down at my knees and there was a small piece of glass laying on my left knee . It was just laying there so I said where did that come from ? I look over across where we were sitting and there was a building of some sort (all glass) and it was all broken up . I told Vicki hey lets go around to the other side where the other water is , because I was thinking that I don’t feel too comfortable here , she says ok so we get up and she had brought me a swim suit and I put it across my left arm and we walked back around . End ..