Nightmare 2

Date: 4/2/2019

By soyboi12

Something shook my bed and growled I think I was back in my bed in my room that was being made at my house. I almost removed hearing my parents or someone come back and that’s maybe what woke me up first. Then the growling and bed shaking made me get out of bed and go down stairs. I was freaking out I headed down stairs my dad snoring and my mom was on the couch. I wake my mom up and we go back upstairs...I believe we started in my little sisters room but eventually the room transformed into the room I have been using while mine is renovated. I see someone but my mom can’t see him. I ask his name and he gave me an eerie “ammmm” maybe trying to say Cam. My mom doesn’t believe me at first. But he begins to blow up one of those pool floats you sit on then she knows I’m not lying. I ask what he wants to try to figure out why I’d be seeing him and eventually he says “badminton” and explains Tyler someone else’s name I can’t remember and maybe he were supposed to be in my class but something happened with a Chevy. Or maybe Chevy is another name. The guy had glasses fading hair line and kind of resembled a tall guy that sits in the front right of my operations management class. He then begins to light flames around my room first on the wall and then on my beer-o(where I put my clothes). We put the fires out. I walk towards my door to leave the room and I see Smriti (old Nepalese friend) this is when I realize I must be dreaming. Her face then morphs slightly into a crazy version of her that’s very demonic. I wake my self up covered in sweat for the second night around 2:58 am.