Nightmare about the dairy industry

Date: 2/24/2019

By natassja666

I know the first part of my dream I was in someone’s house for a fancy supper or job interview or something?? There was a huge long table filled with food and a crystal chandelier over our heads. This older lady who looks like this internet famous lesbian dating a girl my age who I’m like in love with was interviewing me. She kept getting super close to me, and her face looked so unhappy and serious. I noticed she has a knife in her hand and I casually mentioned that my mom was outside to pick me up and I had to go. It was actually my friend my age outside to pick me up and I ran to the car but the older lady was chasing me. Later I was on a train with my boyfriend and we had to sit next to this random couple. They asked us why we don’t eat dairy and I was explaining and showing them videos. Then my dream changed and I was actually by a mother cow getting her baby ripped away. I could see everything happening but nobody could see me and I couldn’t stop it. Her eyes were so big and sad and pleading, and she was crying big thick bright blue tears. She was screaming the most horrible sound I have literally ever heard. I knew days were passing, but she just continued to scream and cry. :’(