Space ship weirdness

Date: 6/30/2019

By andriarna

I was with my brother and we were looking on the net for books on lucid dreaming. He said that we should read this book by Tim illithnis (??) which was on lucid dreaming and how to find the second coming of christ (i am agnostic BTW) we were then hovering above a strange city that was lit as if at night on a strange planet in a round space ship being piloted by my brother. The space ship was spinning around and around and it was making me really dizzy. I realised that something was wrong and the ship went plummeting to the ground. It was then as if i was watching a movie. The space ship turned into something the size of a football and landed in an infinity pool with two long weird worms things that were then using the ship to sieve out all of the debris that was in the pool. A small girl picked out the ship and it had a door on it that she twisted to open making a hissing sound. I then peered into the ship and found two mini humans all strapped in but alive and well, with a pot plant that had fallen over throwing mud all over the floor of the ship. My only thought was, fuck, how do we get home again??