Dark House (ft. Caspar Lee)

Date: 3/25/2017

By MariPleez

So I was in this huge mansion, that felt like the size of the high school. I guess I had been on the very top floor, because I ran down a lot of flights of stairs. I was following Caspar Lee. It reminded me of Alice and Wonderland, when Alice would chase the little white rabbit and ask, "where are you going," but the little white rabbit would just reply with something like "oh I'm going to be late," or "must hurry." I would ask him things like, "why are we going so fast," and tell him things like "wait." He would just keep going. At the bottom of the Floor 3 staircase (so I was on Floor two), there were two staircases, I followed Caspar down the one to the right. The one to the left, I assumed, led down to the basement. We finally got outside, but I didn't see Caspar anywhere. I don't think he was hurt, or lost, it's just that 9/10 times, characters in your dream disappear, or they turn into other characters. Caspar just seemed to have disappeared. The door we had exited through had led into an alleyway of sorts. It had walls surrounding three sides of it, and was more like a small room. It was square, and about the size of the square planter thing in the middle of the school's courtyard. Chloe and Lucia were waiting there. We walked out of the opening and onto the street. The town we were in felt old. None of the buildings, or even the cars were bright colors. They were dusty shades of pink, navy blue, dark green, brown, and black. We had been pacing up and down the sidewalk, when a dusty-yellow school bus passed us. Inside was a man. "Ricegum." Lucia said. Now, I doubt that he's a kidnapper in real life, but here he was. He continued to drive down the street, but we saw him make a U-turn at the end of the road. This road had 4 lanes in all, two for each direction. In the middle of the two sides, was a patch of grass. There were some bushes, and Chloe told us to hide in them. We did, and the man did not see us. He had been driving very slow, so a police officer told him to hurry up, because people had places to go. I said that we needed to get to a bus stop, and take a bus somewhere. I can't remember where I said we needed to go, or if I said a place at all. At the end of the road to our left, was a small McDonalds, that seemed could only fit a normal sized kitchen. *this is a continuation because i never finished (2/17/17)* So after lucia cried after i told her we didn't have time to eat, we rode in a short, dusty yellow school bus to my house. I don't really remember the small details anymore, but basically the "demogorgen" which was just one of katelyn's friends who plays cello, basically ate lucia.