End of the world Steven Universe

Date: 8/19/2017

By Avniel

I was in my grandparents apartment with Garnet and pearl and we were talking about what will we do since Jasper and his army has taken of most of the City. Pearl says that me and garnet need to fuse for some reason to defeat Jasper. We tried it but it doesn't work, we found out in order for it to work Garnet needs to separate into Ruby and Sapphire so we can fuse, she does it and we fuse and we turn into a incomplete small red diamond and bounce everywhere we separated and all the sudden Jasper and some of her army infiltrate the apartment and Pearl says we need to leave now so we do that. We use the elevator to get outside but while we're inside it the elevator starts breaking down so we have go inside the lowest floor that we can be in. After making it outside and doing some hard platforming to get to the surface we're finally in the city. I start running with the power puff girls and we see that chaos that's going on in the city. Suddenly we find ourselves in this outside party place and when we look around it looks like none of the crazy crap happened.