Yakuza Bus Drivers, Substitute (wanna be) Boyfriends, and the Meaning of Life

Date: 2/10/2017

By ImprovdHat

This dream begins with a plot that begins to unravel as time goes on. My PoV was 3rd person and I was like an audience of a movie who knew stuff the characters that didn't but I was also a character. So my sister and I missed the morning bus, so I dropped all my stuff and ran to cut it off before it got back on the main road. There were two buses lined up at the stoplight I was trying to beat them to, but they were squat buses and smaller than the regular yellow buses. So I didn't recognize the old man driving the second one so I pounded on Miss Nafia's bus. Of course she let me on but explained I wasn't actually our driver but offered to take us to school anyway. We went back to my house to grab my stuff and sister. When I boarded the bus for a second time, it was like a roomy submarine with wheels and a porch that comes into play later but it didn't have any seats and the controls were complicated. It was just the three of us. Then my sister pulled me aside so Miss. Nafia couldn't see and revealed that she had a Pepsi. It was against mom rules but still not that exciting.. Then she pulls a freaking red setter puppy! I was blown away and ready to smack her upside the head for being so dumb. My bus driver put the submarine on autopilot before coming over to see what we were doing. She was astounded that we had a puppy and I was surprised at the disrespect my sister showed when Mis Nafia try to lay down the law. my bus driver actually left the vehicle onto the wrap around porch even though we were on the highway. eventually, she made us walk home. movie style jump cuts to my bus drivers backstory: she trained in Japan then China before becoming a member of the Yakuza, then she left when they couldn't provide her the answer to life happiness. since then she's been on a quest to discover exactly that. another jump cut to me and my sister arriving at school, for some reason we you were climbing out of a quinchie ( a snow igloo). my view became first person, and then I was in a facility for people who would kill me if they discovered I was there (they might've been in a zombie-like trance). One man, however, was quite normal. actually he was very special because he was the key to unlocking the happiness of life. I tried to communicate with him incognito, but I accidently alerted to the others who started to chase me. I hurriedly yelled out a rendezvous point before going to search for a hiding place. As soon as I was safe my surroundings melted into another building I did not recognize, but my dream became sharper. My father was there along with my uncle (who is currently living with us) and my siblings / cousins. Then AC (who's recently started dating a friend of mine, MC) entered. For some reason I was very invested in making sure he gave the right first impression to my family even though I do not know him very well. everything seemed to go alright so because my family liked him and he'd even given out a few hugs before the dream ended.