First Lucid/ Little Town

Date: 5/24/2019

By blackswordsman

The transitions are kind of blurry but I remember wandering into this small town at night with my sister. The streets were cobblestone and lit up all around. We walked down a street and saw a vendor with a cart on our left. In front of us was a dock of sorts. On the right of the dock there was a circular booth and there were smiling men and women drinking and laughing together. My sister and I layed down on the dock so we could get close to the water. As we talked it seemed as though I was standing in the water but I wasnt wet. I started moving my hand around in the water. It was as though I could feel its energy. I zoned out and my sister brought attention to my hand. She seemed worried as she did it. The water was freezing around my hand. First little crystals around my palm and fingers, them a thin sheet of ice spreading out from my hand into the surrounding water. My hand felt tingly. I smiled ear to ear and we moved away from the water. As we got up and turned around the vendor was smiling at us as if proud. We walked toward him in the warm lit street and he said I knew you had it in you. After that I dont remember. My first lucid dream. I dont know now if it was completely lucid but I do know I had a general control of my environment. I remember being with my sister in our front yard. It wasn't pitch black out yet but it was dark. As if the sky was holding onto its last bit of blue. We stood on the sidewalk in front of our house and looked out. All of a sudden I remember becoming aware that I was in a dream but in my head I fully believed my sister was real. I told her you can make it whatever you want so i said for example if you want snowy trees and then i snapped my fingers and the trees all changed into snow covered firs. I turned to look at her and she smiled in astonishment. It was the first look of pure joy I've seen on her face in a long time. In turn I smiled amd kept changing the trees. I said what if they were taller and snapped my fingers and they grew higher. Then what if the trees were bare and I snapped again as I watched all the trees lose their leaves and start to shake in the wind. Who knows how much more I could of done but I was very content with showing my sister the trees and the wonder of dreams in order to get that smile out of her.