Date: 6/9/2019

By wzzzuup

I was attending lectures out of nowhere.. I was with some childhood friends and I was observing them... Afterwards professor told us to visit again at 8:30 pm for classes. I missed the timing because I was daydreaming.. I went outside with my friends. They were visiting some temple so ok just followed them . I asked them about class and they told me 8:30 and time was 8:30 .. so I was in parking lot my . .. I saw one of my friend's bike caught on fire. Because some asshole friend was riding it.. he was a bully.. a spectator told us he was riding at 300 km/hr... And asked not to reveal his identity. Out of nowhere my front tyre also catches fire.. so I stopped and extinguished the fire.. on the way I found my friends playing with ball.. so I joined them.. they played a bet.. if a friend is not virgin.. she will drop the ball. And she drops the ball.. everyone started laughing at her ... I was soldier out of nowhere... I saw enemies.. I approached them and spoke with them.. we mingled.. them I went back to my position... !