The end of the world?

Date: 7/23/2019

By nhudon

I had an apocalyptic type dream where the sky was a bunch of crazy colors, mostly a mix of amber and bright orange/purples. The best way I could describe the sky looking was almost like something out of the show Stranger Things. In this dream, I had a strong urge to find my family and loved ones because it was like I knew we didn’t have much more time left together and it seemed as though everyone around me in this moment was with someone except for me which felt very lonely. At one point I remember running to a parking lot that was basically completely abandoned. Not sure where I was running to but it seemed like it was a familiar surrounding in the moment, maybe even the parking lot outside of my old junior year dorm building from college. While I was in this empty parking lot there was a lot of storm like weather, tons of high winds and just a foggy horizon where you know something big is about to happen. I remember trying to call my family and not being able to reach anyone. Then I tried calling My boyfriend Alex via FaceTime and he did answer, except I didn’t have the super happy feeling of relief you’d think I would. It was like I was talking to the shell of Alex because he was laying in a pool on a floaty, smoking a cigarette without a care in the world. From what I could see, he was under the sun and the world looked more familiar and as if nothing bad was happening yet near him. It seemed like he didn’t really take the situation too seriously and I’m not sure how our conversation ended, but I remained alone in the end. Next thing I know, the show is beginning. The sky started forming these lines that almost were like lightning strikes except they were perfectly straight lines and glowing across the sky. The lines looked like they were playing connect the dots across the sky and I couldn’t figure out what the end result was going to be, but each time they found another dot and more lines were connected, I knew it was all getting worse. Once they were connected, I saw multiple thunderstorms begin inside the boundaries of each box that the lines had formed. In my dream I knew this wasn’t a storm that happens in real life and in the dream I still hadn’t seen anything like it but my mind still could rationalize it and realize what was happening. After multiple thunder storms erupted, I awoke.