The one about the camp

Date: 7/12/2017

By ellymay

The dream began at what looked like a summer camp that was in the middle of a large park. The camp had a large jungle gym and was placed on top of abandoned train tracks. Children and teens who attended this camp were given these glasses that they had to wear at all times. They were all playing on the jungle gym and bouncing on an inflatable bouncy house type thing. All of a sudden a man at the top of the jungle gym stops them, sounding appalled. He yells at them saying they are playing in a dangerous gun range and are trespassing and obviously on drugs. The campers didn't understand why he was saying these things because in their eyes this was a summer camp of their dreams. The man then brought cops to arrest the campers and one girl realized that when she took of the glasses she saw the dangerous site the man saw. She tried showing the man how the glasses had altered everyones visions and he believed her. The cops then arrested the people running the camp for constructing these glasses and putting the campers at risk. The cops confiscated some glasses, but some campers kept their glasses. The dream then jumped forward to months later and the campers had stayed at this "camp" permanently. They had set up tents to sleep in and they lived happily with the glasses on everyday. Then the same man that tried arresting them before, came back driving a train through the "camp" destroying everything the campers built. He killed everyone living there and then left the park followed by men he brought with him. They went to another small park close to the one they just destroyed and killed the rest of the people who were living there. They seemed to be playing baseball at this park. The coaches tried stopping this man but he killed them as well.