Date: 2/9/2017

By sharkey161

Ihad a dream that i was hanging out with my high school crush... we will name her Rachel to keep her identity a secret. It was not a sexual dream it was just kind of me gauking over her because she was taking to me. She had white hair for some reason but still looked good. I tried to keep my cool, then she wanted to hold hands and my heart fluttered, but it was for some project or something. we were in science class. We went to lunch, our school look pretty different like it was bigger and the commons was in a weird place. She sat at my lunch table, which was in a weird place, until my friend Hannah show up then she moved. There was also some strange petition going on where we would get better school food, because our school has lost money or something. Then once she moved tables i got lunch and when i sat down i woke up. I was sad i could not hang out with her more, and no I wish i could talk to her in real life... oh well.