Date: 2/5/2017

By Dino

I'm just running from something. A dark old road, there's an electric fence I have navigated and gutters I had jumped from. Then I find myself on a dirty old road to nowhere. It's a familiar dream. But then again alot of my dreams feel familiar. This one feels particularly dark. So here I am running, but then I feel like this isn't me. It's someone else's experience because I keep shifting in and out of it and getting a glimpse of his young tired body (and I'm a girl). There's something behind me (him). I look at the shadow. There's a monster in this dream apparently. I turn around and see a man walking carelessly with jewels and gold hanging from his bare boney chest. But there's something else farther behind in my peripheral. We come to a corner turn where there's a strange little cart-house with people nonchalantly telling the man not to do it. He picks at my hand and invades my personal space sniffing at me like some animal. I hit him. We fight, I crack his skull and I win. At least I can defend myself in my dreams. I keep running. I wake up..