Water remembrance

Date: 2/12/2017

By annie2az

I had a dream that I can only remember very vaguely. I was on a big white ship, on a cruise, with no real life friends as far as I can remember. I don't remember a lot that happened but I remember the ship suddenly swaying aggressively and me running up the stairs that led to room cabins. People were rushing down the stairs to be saved, yelling in fear as they grabbed their kids and partners. I ran into one cabin (I'm assuming it was mine) and started to pack things into a luggage without noticing a little girl stood by, quiet as as mouse. The little black girl (not to be racist in any way) was stood with a neutral look on her face but I could sense the fear. I said something to her and she nodded, so I picked her up in my arms and grabbed my luggage with the other and rushed down the now empty stairs. I was back to the place I started, overlooking the side of the ship. I could see that the ship was going down, sinking at its own pace. I could see speed boats taking as many people as they could, taking people away to save their lives. The little girl ran off (I guess to her family) and I placed my bag on the floor next to me. I was calmly looking at the side of the ship; the fact that it was sinking seemed to calm me down rather than distress me. I knew I couldn't swim and deep down I knew that if I didn't move, I'd die. It was still peaceful to me as everyone rushed to the speedboats. Suddenly I was being shaken by a young boy around my age, maybe a bit older, telling me to rush to the boats. I could sense that we were friends yet I don't know him in real life and I can't remember his face. I looked to the side of the ship, seeing that we were really close to full sinking and closed my eyes. After that, I woke up. The weirdest thing is, I couldn't remember the dream in the morning. I woke up and thought I didn't have a dream. I only remembered later in the evening, about a minute after I got into the bath...