the Queen and the sea-swimming pool predicting the end of the world

Date: 5/7/2017

By Tjika

I was in some sort of swimming pool, only the water was an actual sea, inside a building, I have no idea how that worked. In the middle was some sort of island with a throne on it. In front of the throne stood the queen. She looked like a medieval sort of queen with a long blue robe. She also had a huge crown above her head which was bigger than her head. It slowly moved onto her head without anyone touching it an just sort of floated there. We thought that was all very normal and went for a swim in the sea. There were a lot of people swimming in the sea, when suddenly it was announced that a big storm was comming. Everyone outside (which I could see through the roof somehow, like a tv screen) panicked and said it was a prediction of the end of the world. I thought it was nonesense, these people had no idea what they were talking about and panicked for every small reason imaginable, so I didn't take it seriously. Suddenly the waves got bigger and bigger. At first I thought it was fun and let the waves carry me around, until I lost sight of my parents, my brother and my friend who was with us. I grabbed my brother and friend who were close, but quickly let go, because I saw my parents drift away towards a huge whirlpool. I knew I was going to loose them forever if I let them get out of my sight, even if they would survive, so I swam towards them and grabbed my dad's arm. He had my mom already, and for some reason I was strong enough to carry them with me to safer waters. I wondered where my friend was during this time, but she had already gone to the dressing rooms of the swimming pool during the commotion with my parents. I was relieved to hear we didn't have to worry about her. We quickly swam back to the "shore" or whatever you call that in a sea-swimming pool. When we got out we didn't worry about the storm at all anymore. I guess it hadn't been deadly. We magically appeared in the gift shop fully clothed after getting out of the water where I forgot all about the swimming pool and happily looked for some awesome souvenirs as if nothing had happened at all.