Gliding across the ocean blue

Date: 7/31/2017

By tiptipkitten

I was inside a video game similar to breath of the wild except a ton of people were living there to. We were running out of space for people to live so some people were attempting to glide across the nearby ocean but they all came swimming back. And sense it's like a video game the render distance wasn't very far so we couldn't tell how far it would be. Me and my sister tried and failed so we had to swim back pretty far and surprisingly my fear of sharks didn't bother me as much. We made it back and I started to climb a cliff so I could get to a good spot to glide again. I checked my compass necklace and saw that the way I'm heading was almost directly north. The compass broke for some reason and my brother (who was now up the cliff with me for some reason) made a snooty comment about it. I ignored him and fixed the compass the I attempted to glide again it seemed like an ok start but then out of no where my brother flew in front of my and sent me spiraling downward. I went back up the cliff and yelled at my brother for messing me up then I tried it once more. I was fling for quite a while when I noticed a few wind spots on the ground and I guess that it was to help players who ended up in the ocean get back in their gliders pretty soon I saw land open up and a few monster forts where lining the cost line. I ran past them and head to the guest point I could find then I glided back. Fuzzy memory but I was now in the floor of my living room playing a game and I was telling my mom about what I did. I then woke up.