Date: 8/19/2017

By CreepyLexi13

A group of people invited a friend and I to a party. They gave us the address and it was in a small forest. Wanting to be included, we obviously went. When we got there we realized there was no party. But we were still thinking maybe it was a small party or something so we started walking though the forest. We got pretty far through when the group got there. They were swearing and obviously in a violent mood. They had bats and were being very obvious that they wanted to hurt us. We didn't think we could go back to our car, seeing as someone might be over there. And neither of us had any weapons, ourselves. We held hands to stick together and we ran. Obviously we parted when we thought it was best and I remember the forest wasn't that big so I would keep finding myself at the opening and I immediately ran deeper into the forest. I awoke before anything could happen to either of us.