Date: 1/21/2017

By diego890

We were watching the game chivas against america. Chivas was playing with all girls. I remember a mini helicopter flying back and forth watching the game. I went to the restroom and put on these glasses that can take photos or video from the lenses. The executives were thinking about the gameplay for the next game. We had beaten this team 4-0 chivas to be exact. WE were in the stadium after every one had left already except this group of people that were drunk. They demanded to see their team they weren't talking about america they were talking about the team that used the stadium before us. They started to get agressive i told them to go home. I told all the workers to run away. So i get a needle and run to safety. The main guy takes out a gun and starts to shoot. I run from pillar to pillar to avoid getting shot. Then i run up to a guy and stab him in the throat more people show up with mini guns and a shit load of guns. Theres ten at least. I kept running around slicing whoever i could in the throat. Then it was down to the three guys i was able to get behind a pillar before he started to shoot with the mini gun. I saw maria running on the left and i pulled her towards me so she wouldn't get shot. We waited they came in a car they stopped and for some reason hey actually thought we were cops i demanded they put the weapons down. I went around the back picked the mini gun up and blasted all three of them. Then every executive came and we went into the secret vault.