Maybe I should do it

Date: 3/18/2017

By attaxhed

okay well just a small background: I have a person that i'm immensely interested in and he is also interested in me. we will call him "Z" now the dream: i'm in my biology class with my other mates. we're making lava cake for some reason. my teacher tells me to go and get some water from the restroom. Z is also in the hallway. i walk up to him and pull him away to one of the empty stairwells. i say "why don't you ever shut up?" and he says "you just have to make me." and he smirks. i go in for a hug and he tries to kiss me. then he says "you almost kissed me. might wanna be careful next time". i start walking away then i stop grab him and kiss him. i then walk away and go back to my class with a huge smile on my face. i've honestly been dreaming about this for a while and i want it to happen.