clown (this one is very very long it’s literally a horror movie)

Date: 4/27/2019

By alexoliverxo

God this ones going to take forever but eh here we go. So me and my primary school class were playing hid and seek in a huge field when out of nowhere a clown comes out from behind a tree. I shout “CLOWN!! EVERYBODY RUN!!!!!” So, naturally, we all started running away. Some of us found these big tubes (i really have no clue what they were) but they were like tunnels ok this part is irrelevant they were just massive tunnels. But the clown FOUND US. And went into the middle of the tunnel (where me and this other kid were) and he said “you must get me 5 rubies or else you and your parents all die” then he disappeared. then the scene shifted really quick and we were all living in the same little cottage with our parents. We were all in one room talking about what happened and the clown came up to the window and said “As i said, find me the 5 rubies or you all die. Put them in this little bag and give them to me in a week at the fair” he gave us a little baggie with a string to tie it up at the top. Then he freaking disappeared AGAIN. then we all just went to sleep lolz. Then the scene shifted and we were walking through a little field with a picnic bench in the middle of it. Nice weather, clear sky, you know just a nice day for a picnic apart from the fact that we have a killer clown about but whatevs. We all sat at the bench when someone’s mam shouts “LITTLE DWARF MEN!! THERES DWARVES COMING OUT OF THE WOODS!!” we turned and sure enough there’s a bunch of little evil looking dwarves coming out of the trees behind us. so we run through this gap in the trees. Scene shifts again and it’s night time and we’re at the fair (remember? the fair where we’re meant to have the rubies? THAT WE DONT HAVE??). And we just think, oh a nice little fair. We go on a few rides, great fun. Then i realise “guys, isn’t this the fair that the clown said we needed the rubies??”. everyone starts freaking out because we don’t have the rubies, we don’t even have the bag that we’re meant to put the rubies in!! Sure enough the clown appears and says “do you have my rubies” then i kick him in the nuts and the dream’s over. woke up sweating my face off.