Snakes in a Field

Date: 7/12/2017

By kelimian

I don't remember much of this dream, but this once scene sticks out pretty vividly. My family were going to a botanical garden greenhouse, and took the main path, but I opted to take a longer route through a field to see their wildflowers. As I walked, I noticed a large brown adder asleep in the grass nearby, and I made sure to not disturb it. But as I walked, I noticed there were adders everwhere in the field, most of them asleep. They showed no agression nor violence - they would either not move or blink slowly as I passed. I only accidentally disturbed one, which almost hopped away, bouncing on its tail, much like a video game sprite or Tigger. I didn't feel scaredor nervous about them being there - I just made sure to avoid and not step on them as I walked, until I reached the greenhouse where my family was waiting.