The trip to Tremblant

Date: 12/1/2017

By camcgregor

Tried to go to Vic’s place to watch the Tremblant races but ended up taking a plane to Albania. I recognized someone at the hotel or restaurant I went to on my trip around Europe and asked where we were and he said Albania. I needed to get back to Canada so I wanted to get a taxi to the airport. I kept trying to cal taxis but there weren’t many on the street. I ended up calling this one taxi over but it was actually a taxi. It was a candy car. They sold me candy for 5€ and then I wanted more so I pulled out more money and got something else for another euro. The guy asked how much more do u have in your hand. I had 2 More euro and I said just take it. I was tired of the day I just wanted to get home. I kept walking around trying to get to the airport and ended up walking into a pier on a wooden dock with boats around. Then I woke up.