Cutting of sea snake, dangerous TV quiz/game show

Date: 7/22/2017

By ultraweaklisk

Cutting of sea snake: I was looking down from a high cliff (50m+) on a seashore where a out 10 people with a fishing boat were chopping up sea snake. The snake had a diameter of about 1.5m and was at least 12m long. Chopping was done skillfully; one chop was enough to sever a 2m piece. Dangerous TV quiz/game show: I think it was part of a cult and participation was mandatory. I was sitting on a bench with a large group of people. There had been many games before this and there would still follow more, but now it was my turn. I was nervous. I got up from the bench and walked across the studio hall, well lit and tall, with a large screen on one side and an audience on the other. Instead of heading straight for the game chair I made a small detour across the studio floor while hearing what the title of the game was. "something with water, holding your breath, and..." This made me even more dangerous. I hated water. Then my actual (waking world self) gained a small factor of control which completely calmed "dream me". IRL I love swimming, breathing exercises (holding my breath for 2 minutes isn't a problem) and I rarely get nervous or stressed. So I headed for the chair. We got a headset and an animation started on the main screen. There was a Saw- (movie) / gremlin-like doll/creature explaining the rules. The only problem was that neither me nor any of the participants could hear the instructions. One of the participants started fiddling in the game's menu/settings, since we all had PS3-like game controllers. It didn't work.