4 fucking dreams (6/11/19)

Date: 6/12/2019

By jadaking

i was a only child, i lived in my grandma b’s house but it was all re done& i lived with different parents, i had a vision within my dream that i turned little again & i was like 6 maybe, i remember being really fucking confused. Mom played piano so good, & she loved to sing. My dad was super nice and built he this super cool treehouse but in the house across from my room, even tho i was 6, i still had all the stuff that i had when i was older and my id said i was 18. (they reminded me of jim and pam from the office) I was moving but idk where, i remember packing up all my things and lexi & david was there but they were also little !!! lexi could drive tho idk, i remember seeing these frogs but on the frogs were these attachments that could make them fly I was in lobes truck with him & josh k, and we were looking down this super long road, all the buildings were white & tall but this one building had an advertisement on it. This movie star brought in this like 200 ft blow up and wanted to put in down the white street, the police started to come so lobe dumped tires down the street so that the police couldn’t get down it, we lived in the like 1980’s. Amy & I went out for lunch to a food court & we went to this healthy place & we got chickpea chilli & come salad with avocado, after we walked to go shopping but i was applying for jobs. I got a job at urban planet & while i was working i saw sven, megan & ceara. Sven kept asking me to hire her cuz she hated working at the car dealership. I told the girls i would give them a discount so they all started trying on clothes matt & evan came over when i thought i was still 6, even tho i was 18, they had to study but they came into my room put cheese in my mouth & started to light it in fire to see if it was real, it was a big block of white squishy cheese, idk wtf was going on. We were lying in my bed & the boys started to pull my toes to make them crack, they did this for like 2 hours. Mason came over later & we all went swimming but my pool never stopped, like you would swim down & down but it would just keep going we didn’t know where the bottom was.