Reaper and Man Eaters

Date: 6/24/2017

By Nyxx

*There are two parts to this dream both are the full truth and unedited version of what I remember. For this dream and future ones I have no explanations* The first dream starts off with me appearing as a Reaper of Death or a Necromancer of sorts. A group of people appear in front of me and more join the group from out of some thick fog. Behind me is a building of sorts and when I herd these people in it appears to be just one huge room designed like an office space with several desks and chairs and computers etc. Then a person among the crowd revolts and trys to attack me and i Chant something out and they suddenly explode and vanish. The others become outraged and also start to attack and I begin chanting random words and gibberish and they all start dying but the crowd doesn't stop growing. Finally somehow the power is taken away from me and I'm normal of sorts. However before they can destroy me I grab some dust and run around the corners of the room and sprinkle it while chanting some insane language and as I complete the circle of dust and say the last word they all explode in some fire wave. The dream fades to the second part. I'm in the middle of some dirt road with my friend. Suddenly Hana shows up out of nowhere with Amy and Joe who are a couple. They both look good in their fancy outfits clearly having been on a date. But looking closer their outfits are tacky and dusty for some reason. I agree to take my friend and Hana home but after turning out of a schoolzone the scene shifts to the forest where we have to cross a bridge that's old and rickety. I drive my car over the bridge but it snaps halfway and we fall down. We don't die but we land on a ledge that just in front of another ledge that leads to the drop of the waterfall. We get out and look around and suddenly 8 people appear out of nowhere and threaten to attack us and their faces shift their eyes darken teeth grow and skin goes pale. A spear appears in my hand and we kill the first four with ease however the four in the back don't die and seem to be invincible. We sacrifice Hana to appear as if we are one of them and have been turned however they are intelligent so we must kill hana to prove it. We do and I'm shaken over it but my friend goes into full survival mode and the last memory of my dream is us talking and she is brewing some concoction that's deep yellow in some old longneck bottle.