From the Dream then into the Game and Back to Reality

Date: 2/11/2017

By Cami-sama

I found myself in a town, and inside the dream, I knew I was playing a game - an MMORPG. I didn't see how I was dressed, but I knew I was an Adventurer, with a weapon as a sword. A little girl approached me and asked me how to make friends (how to send a friend request). I looked at her menu and saw that she's still a Level 2 Adventurer, and it instantly came to me that low leveled players can't make friends unless they grow stronger. I told her this and offered to help. We made a party and I had her follow me into a bigger map with stronger monsters than the beginner maps. The place looked beautiful. The rocks beneath us looked like molten rocks but it didn't really felt warm and it didn't burn our feet. It glowed with the somehow shining orange lava below it, and made tiny cracks into the dark ground, and the tiny cracks glowed. There was a small lake with floating flowers in it, and there was a wall that surrounded the lake, but suddenly, the wall cracked, making a hole in it. The water was escaping through the hole in the wall, and so are the flowers that came with the water. I had to save those flowers somehow and so I jumped to the lake and made myself as a shield against the current so the flowers won't have to fall past into the wall. The newbie girl I partied was gone and I couldn't help her level up, but at least, I saved those pretty flowers.