Date: 3/16/2017

By Matthew R.

I was in my house,and I noticed that I was a ghost.Not just a white blob floating in the air.I looked exactly the same as I did before.I flew through my house door and saw my neighbor Wesley and a teen I saw on beyond scared straight.all the sudden I was in there car driving somewere.The place we were driving to looked like something out of halo.Then I noticed the guy next to me was from the movie Logan.He was old and dirty.we appeared at a huge mall.It was the nicest looking mall I've ever seen.Half my family was there.The part that sticked out the the most was my step sister with her boyfriend.My nearly 11 year old step sister was with her boyfriend Jaylen shopping. I flew up to where they were shopping.My step sister told me to leave them alone.That's when my dream ended.