Trying to get home

Date: 5/28/2017

By Memoireb

first I was for some reason Annabeth Chase? I was in some kind place of doom. Then I tought to call the police to save me. Dream change I was at my "Last Day Of School" So the teacher gave us presents, so she asked us to close our eyes. I did, and she gave me a baby toy, and everyone else a super duper old phone, but was happy with my gift. When I was walking home from school, I dozed of, and ended up on the middle of nowhere. I was freaked out, because I did not have my phone to see the directions to go back. Luckily, a bunch of children from another school (one included another person who does not speak german, but not in the dream, she just had the same face) So I decided to follow them, because they might be going to the buss station, and I was lucky because I had some money with me and lunch tickets? Whaa? So they ended going up this huge hill (but I stil followed) Then they went a Home Depo area (It was like this big room, and they where connected with a tunnel, and the outside where workers were and they where making giant easter bunnies made out of chocolate). So we went in there, and they started talking to me, so I made an effort to respond, but luckily it worked to we made a small conversation. So then they started sneaking around to the next area to the next. I fianlly told them I had some money and lunch tickets/ Normal tickets so I told the, we should go back amd fomd a buss station to go to the main area thing, they agree so we started splitting up the money and tickets. In some area, I notic d we forgot our back-packs so I went to get them, but they hurried off, do I just took mine and went with them. But that did not go right did it? Some ladies of some sort, went and told me to go with them, so I started to make a run for it. I finnaly went outside, where they where, and one of them started speaking spanish (I speak spanish) so I was like yay I can speak now. Then our psrents came and picked us up. Woop!