2 subs

Date: 8/27/2019

By Sidd006

I’m at work. Felt kinda like Caterpillar financial. Everyone is standing outside, like a fire drill or something. One of my friends is inside, maybe using the bathroom, but we are all supposed to be out. There is a strange noise or signal that’s not supposed to be there. Not sure how I get there but I’m transported to the sea, right off shore on a poor floatation device. There is a huge ship right above me (maybe military) and I’m concerned bc I’m floating right underneath it’s giant anchor. Then I notice that helicopters are bringing in two large nuclear submarines. Each has a nuclear bomb underneath. One is shaped like Fat Boy and the other like a large torpedo. They are lowered into the water. I try to see what’s happening below the surface but can’t make out any details. There is the sense of a possible strike. But on what? Seems almost like something alien is the threat. And why fly them in? Later I’m traveling somewhere and everyone is discussing what’s going on, a man, maybe with the news, is partially interested in what I saw. That’s about it. Dream 2. We (idk who) are making are way through a swamp. Something is in the water with us, following us, it’s concerning but not really scary. We are talking about Marijuana for some reason and why it’s not being grown in Thailand despite the excellent environment. I mention it was many years ago and that my Vietnamese wife has it in her country. Next thing I remember I’m trying to get out of a place. But the exit is block. This guy,and a girl now too, are not happy about the blockage but I tell them to work around it so we move items around to get out. Like bending a fence and then moving furniture. I try to put everything back the way it was so no one would notice we left this way. But I can’t seem to remember the exact pattern the way things went. The two are commenting on my trouble with this. I think they offer some direction. That’s it.