Being "fixed" in weird facility.

Date: 4/9/2017

By richilye

Forgot the beginning. I was in a big room, it was probably the boss's room of some facility or the equivalent , There was a big desk at the back and behind was a big window, I don't remember what was on it. The room was white , no super white, the floor was sort of white gray. The desk had 3 computers , each with a person. Their attention was directed to me, they were talking about something to me. Then I felt sleepy and passed out, probably got darted. They dragged me to some places to sorta of "fix" me, I went through some rooms, it was showing me in 3rd person. I woke up when I was being taken to a haircut room, the guy was gonna cut my hair, I got terrified when I woke up and noticed that, then the guy said that he was just gonna trim my hair, so I calmed down. I was laid in the table, then the guy picked up a magnifying glass and looked inside my ear. He then started cutting super small strings of hair inside my ear, they were far apart from each other, he then started pulling them out, but I didn't feel a thing, neither could I move, perhaps the dart's effect waa somewhat on. Upon pulling out the strings , a hole was left in the area it was in. There was a part of my ear that looked like a clitoris. After they finished, I was left there laying down for a while, the perspective returned to first person when I was able to move again. I was gonna ask who was the guy, but he got offended when he noticed that I didn't know/remember who he was, so I tried finding out without asking him, he had a scarf, then I tried aaking about the scarf, but I noticed he was gonna get offended again, so I stayed quite and left. I arrived at the main room/the lobby room. I was walking towards the front door when time stopped, I got confused since I didn't do it. Then I saw Sakuya walking and grabbing something, I think she didn't notice that I didn't got frozen , so she made time go back to normal and left. I knew I had to retrieve the artifact she took, thou I don't remember if I was gonna keep it or return it to the place I was in. I arrived at the Scarlet devil Mansion, now I had to defeat Meilling, I spotted her behind the main gate. therefore I don't remember anything more, nor even if I made it inside.