Rich people who may or may not be vampires

Date: 5/22/2019

By nomosia

I was in a village which was very victorian gothic but no one seemed to mind much. I was at my friend's house and we decided that we were going to go down to the food van but we were in pyjamas but my pyjamas looked the same as hers so I thought that people would assume that we were dating as we didn't look similar enough to be related. There was a large queue at the food truck and I remember last time I had this dream we had crepes from the top shelf of the van but this time they were like £5 each and my friend said it was too expensive which is fair enough. We also couldn't have any flavoured wine as they didn't have any of the flavoured water used to flavour the wine in stock. I don't remember what happened in between but then this woman's iPhone caught on fire and there was a massive explosion which she tried to fake her death in but I didn't believe her because all the technology left after the explosion was perfectly intact and there was no sign of her body or remnants of her body. No one would believe me so I went out of the village to the Manor house on the hill which everyone avoided because apparently vampires lived there but I was sure it was just rich people. A time skip, and I was a servant at this vampire mansion with this rich family made up of twin sisters who reminded me of Kylie jenner and the other one in terms of annoyance but they were much prettier, the parents, the older brother and the Grandma. I was looking through the rooms of the mansion for some reason and the other servant said he wanted his own room which annoyed me but then in my room I found a hidden door which lead to a dusty old room which I said he could have, whilst laughing. We explored the room together and we found this painting of celebrities we knew. We laughed at this then opened the back to see if anyone had left some money in it. There was a letter which cruelly mocked the receiver of the painting, so I assumed it had been sent with it. There were three portraits of the twins, one a sepia photograph, one a small drawing of the girls on brown paper, and the other was a large painting of the twins stuck to the back of the painting of the celebrities. I was shocked that the girls would know the celebrities and knew that there was something sinister to this whole thing when in the wrapping of the painting I found a disassembled black key on a purple velvet ribbon, that I remember from the last dream to be extremely important but I have no idea why. I knew I had to take it to the family because it was what they had been searching for all this time. I went to the room where they usually occupied themselves. In the room was the mother, the father, the two twin girls, the brother who was basically Jeremy Renner in the Avengers and the Grandma who reminded me of Gertrude. "Io ho un regalo por te." I whispered to one of the girls but she ignored me, so I went to the fridge where I knew I had stored the other parts of the key last time. This was on a black velvet ribbon as I dug it out. I showed the girl this part of the key, finally, and she looked at me in surprise and adulation. "Io ho un regalo por te." I said again and she waved at me to fit the key together. Jeremy Renner was doing acrobatics in the background of all of this for some reason and as he swung by he tried to grab the key from me and knocked it out of my hand to the floor. I bent down to pick it up and Grandma Gertrude saw me do this and grabbed my arm. Her hand was like a steel vice and the intensity of the eyes in the woman I was certain had dementia was terrifying. "I need it. Give it to me." But I wouldn't give it to her because I know she would break under that sort of power, so I took the pieces and ran away to fix it... And then I woke up. So that's the end of episode two of weird dream vampires I guess.