Math Class And Bizzare Powers

Date: 6/23/2019

By leathecage

I am 23-years-old and I had a dream that I had to do one more semester back in my old high school. Everything was going fine, but in my math class, I just did not care. I considered just giving up my extra schooling all together because of it. I was sitting in class, and I realized I forgot to do the homework from last night. I was panicking, and I couldn't do it in class beforehand because there was A LOT of it, and I was in the front row, where the teacher could see me. Suddenly, the teacher exploded. The class was horrified, but I knew what to do: I stopped time, and I started putting the pieces of the teacher back together. Then, I had to wipe the classes memories of the horrible sight. To do that, I pricked my finger and put a drop of my own blood on everyone. I then sat back down, and started time again, where everything was normal, and the teacher forgot to check the homework, and I got away scot free! I then went home, and there was a crazy storm happening. I went inside and to my bedroom, but my room was semi-destroyed, ie. It had a lot of holes in the walls and ceiling, and it the flooring was just the exposed wooden boards of the structure itself. I was worried about animals getting into my room through the gaps, so I began plugging the holes with stuff I found, but I accidentally dropped some of my things, which fell down three stories to the ground. I gracefully jumped down to retrieve my things, but I was greeted by this man that looked like Gargamel. He kept asking me questions about my superpowers, but I just ignored him. I collected my things and ran to the front door of my house, but the man was following me. I locked the door and told my family about the man. My dad gave me this security system thingy that, once plugged into an outlet, could create a wall of lasers over any one opening you want. So, I put it in my room and made it go over the massive hole in my wall.