Erika Whitt

Date: 6/8/2017

By jacentaaa

Very vivid dream. I should have written it down the first one or two times I woke up. Erika Whitt was obsessed with me. At first I thought she wanted to be my friend. I was so excited. She started talking to me more. Then I started seeing her outside of my house through the windows. Then one day she knocks. She has a goodie basket filled with awesome stuff from Trader Joe's. She gives it to me for "being a good friend". Then she leans in and kisses me on the lips! I felt so bad bc I thought of jamel immediately. Is that cheating? It's just a kiss. But she's gorgeous. I was freaking out. 😂 But then things got weird. She kept stalking me and evidentially she turned into Kayla Farmer - the strange hippie girl. It got to where she followed me everywhere and was scary obsessed. I'm at a party and she's on all fours chasing me like a dog. Lynsey and Ali grab her and hold her down so I can run away. SO WEIRD! Oh and I remember hugging Amanda Clampitt at the party and wishing her luck on her adventure to Montana!