With my yet-confessed crush (again)

Date: 8/27/2017

By jameslecong

First was his mom. I was having a meal with my father when she came in and talked about something to him. Afterwards, she came and told me that: "You cannot play with TN anymore, let him focus on studying! I know you like him, and the test is nearby!" I then woke up for the 1st time, thinking "what the heck, the tes was 3 months ago!" The next dream was our class, with some strange faces here and there. It seemed like a end-of-year party for our school too. But it wasn't my ordinary high school, but an old, rusty school yard which was a mixed of many schools. There was an old well next to the stairs, where TN came down and sit on it with some friends. I told him that "your mom told me not to play with you anymore, since I like you! Haha, isn't she funny? How can I possibly..." and I looked at his face, there was a pink-red-ish colour surrounding it, like someone-falling-in-love scenes on TV. I think we then laughed it off somehow... (to be continued if I can recall more)