Animal Farm

Date: 9/11/2019

By UniqueStarque

The first part of the dream is unclear. But I realize I'm with some super humans who think anyone without their abilities are less then they are. So they realize I have no powers, but they let me stay for a while to see if I actually have any. So secretly I try to use powers like moving things with my mind, but no matter how hard I try, nothing moves. They can easily climb trees, but I struggled to climb a tree trunk. So they know now. Then I come to this building with animals in it, and they allow me to go into it, to prove that they take good care of their animals. I go in the first section of the factory, and the baby pigs and cows are being taken care of well, but then I sneak into the next room, and they're still being taken care of, just not as well, the next room is about the same, they're just there. But then I work harder to break into the final room and I realize they're neglecting the animals, they're just putting on a show for the outside world. And I get this feeling that they turn humans, who get into their business or are nosey, into the animals! They have a whole front of them taking care of these animals, but way back on the property, hidden from prying eyes, they don't care for the animals.