Washed to sea

Date: 6/20/2017

By contactsilence

Characters: A-husband Unknown woman as fireman; she was wearing a jacket likely as the one I just bought at the coast recently. Yellow strip at the bottom Black man - he was unknown to me as well as the half dozen children. I'm on my front porch of the very first house I had bought 20 years ago with my ex husband. but it seems the water has reached it. We were going to enter the raft which was waiting at the front of the lawn. But I was swept away on the porch and was worried I wouldn't catch the raft but I did manage to grab hold. It was all dark as I climbed upright on it. I saw all around relieved to be reminded that I was enclosed in more of a lake eater than ocean. I saw a female fireman and I called for help. She collected me and I was inside the station suddenly where she was offering me a red tube that needed to be inflated. I saw a pile of more and I wanted to take it but didn't. Suddenly white and black children came filing in. The black child was threatening to shoot another child and all the others were encircling. I walked back to get my belongings, a green blanket which I realized wasn't mine as mine had fallen to the floor. I leaned over to pick mine up and the black parent of one of the children asked if I was sure that was the one as if there were a bit annoyed with my first mistake. I pointed out the similarly colored green blanket as if to point out how I could have made the mistake. Also I wanted to point out he dinosaurs print but didn't