Identity V but... irl kinda?

Date: 7/10/2019

By ItsABlackCat

It was like a weird, twisted version of identity v. At first I was the hunter, and I was playing my usual main (Giesha) and hunting down survivors. Only the game was taking place in a giant house themed place, where either A) I was a giant or B) the survivors were tiny. And I was playing against people I knew, and they looked like Identity V versions of themselves (for example my brother was there, with his red hair and freckles and lime green shirt and everything, only he looked kinda like Lucky Guy in terms of his eyes being buttons and his hair being string). Also, there weren’t rocket chairs- when the Hunter found a survivor they just killed them and left their body laying on the floor like a broken rag doll. Anyways I was going around checking inside of chests and stuff for tiny survivors but I felt kinda weird like ‘this isn’t how this is supposed to be,’ and I remember getting pissed because there was this one white angel doctor who kept outplaying me and hiding really good and stuff and I was like ‘just die already goddamnit.’ Then the dream switched perspectives, or maybe another game started. Because I was a tiny survivor and I was playing with my mom, my brother and my sister (who all were dollified versions of themselves in the Identity V style) and I was hiding inside of a cuckoo clock. The cuckoo clock was inside of a wall that separated two rooms, and I could use it to get between the rooms. I was telling my mom about a strategy I had to distract the hunter while she saved my brother and sister from a chest where they were forced to stay hiding. I was whispering too. I remember very clearly seeing the main/basic Hunter (Hell Ember) pass by on one side, his face giant, like the size of the Cuckoo clock we were in, and at the same time I heard the sound of my sister being chased by a Giesha, so I guess it was double hunter mode and the rest of the survivors had been killed maybe? Anyways it ended there. Wasn’t very scary, it was just very action-packed, just like it always is when playing Identity V. Exciting, not scary. Plus I have the Eerie music when I’m getting chased so I heard that in the dream too which was weird but also made it less scary for me. But I remember clearly thinking game strats the entire time, even though it seemed as if we were really in the game.