The demon in my room

Date: 2/24/2017

By monzoff

My dream was horrific as it was in visible detail and It was like straight from a movie. It all started when I had woken up around 2am and I heard plastic bags this actually happened but I was in a sleep paralysis state after the sleep paralysis I went back to sleep and the dream started. In the dream I woke up from my sleep and I went to get food with my father after that we came back to the house and I just knew my room was haunted it was close to 8:30 am in the dream and I went to my room and noticed several dead bodies all around my floor in body bags I went to grab on in my dream and it felt like I really just grabbed a dead persons foot in a body bag after that I called my sister to come in and look at it and she was close to puking from the horrific scene of that and we both woke up my mom to skip school and went to our dad to get the number of a medium that my parents had before and the number started with a +20 and after that I walked my dad up to my room where I was a few steps ahead of him and I walked into my room to see the bodies but my voice was silenced from the horrific scene and vibes I got and I took a few steps to get out of my room and to see my dad the moment he came in to peek around he asked what bodies and I looked in to and there were none it was horrific and then I woke up. Also just some weird thing I remember was me opening my phone to Snapchat where we had a Separate group conversation inside of a group chat and I said in the branched group chat something like my dog hasn't been getting any sleep and one of my friends liv just went off on me saying on how I'm such a kiss ass trying to please everyone.