The Haunting

Date: 7/18/2017

By thesilverqueen_

I've always had a deep hold on my dreams, for some reason I can find myself connected to the dream world more than others. Even as a kid having recurring dreams of a friendly black wolf following me around. I still have no clue why I dream these things. I don't try and interrupt them because so many people say so many different things and most of the time the theories they come up with just don't seem right. "Oh you dream of a black wolf- financial problems" but I was a child. Always random and just completely wrong. Well recently, and I say recently cause this is the second time it has happened, Ive had a dream of a haunting going on in my home. Now in reality my girlfriend says the house is always haunted but since I moved in the hauntings seem to have stopped. I am a pagan so my girlfriend thinks that this is why they have stopped but in my dream it continues at a larger scale. Poltergeist. All the lights will flicker. Doors will slam. Although in my dream I'm not even the slightest afraid. I'm trying to communicate with it. Trying to understand what it wants, very calmly I might add. It notices and stops doing anything and I wake up. Now like I've said in the past I've always dreamt about strange things and lucid dreaming. My dreams take me to very interesting places. I've stepped away from that for a while and now I have been trying to dip my feet back into lucid dreaming. Could this be why? I mean I'm just surprised I wasn't afraid in my dream, cause in real life I would've ran outside screaming. I know it seems odd and doesn't make sense. Maybe later I'll post all the old weird dreams I've had, so I can piece this all together.