Anxiety and victory in the jewelry store

Date: 3/6/2020

By Purple

In my dream I was a customer in a very crowded jewelry store. I had three pieces of jewelry that I brought with me. I was to wrap each of them individually. I could not remember the name of the sales person who helped me out. I gave the description of what she looked like, and they knew immediately who helped me, but they told me that she was not working that day. Somebody else tried to help me. I said thank you but I did not need any help. I just came over there to thank them for their service and to do my gift wrapping in the store. I was talking to the sales lady there and said normally I would be anxious with all of these people around because I am an introvert. She started to give me some advice and I told her that I was okay and I was not being triggered at that time, despite the crowd and the noise. I was wrapping my first gift in a small jewelry box. I was wrapping it with a thick piece of white paper, as if it was card stock. I remember being frustrated because of how thick the paper was and I could not bend it or fold it as easily as I could with thin gift wrapping. The sales lady started to tell me about some sort of exercise to do in order to calm myself down. I don’t know if it was a breathing exercise or a meditative exercise or a word association exercise. All that I know is that when I woke up, the word victory was lingering in my memory.