Date: 2/19/2017

By pansexualpirate

Okay so just for some background knowledge I'm a girl and my cousin (we'll call her alex) has a girlfriend named max. so anyway let's get I to the story. So I was at my old school and for some reason the basement was a movie theater auditorium like place. It was alex, max, and I and we decided to try and do something (I don't really remember) by messing with the electric system or something like that. Somehow the cops got called and they came but alex had bailed on us and gave the cops a tip on where we were. The cops said that alex was free to go because she gave us away and then tey started taking us up the stairs. As we were walking max grabbed my hand and continued walking. I looked over to her and asked what she was doing and she said that if alex was going to just ditch us and give us away that she wasn't trustworthy. Then max said that she liked me more anyways. And...(please don't call me a terrible person) I was happy and okay with it. Then when we got fully upstairs and sat down waiting for one of us to be taken into questioning max and me were sitting next to eachother still holding hands. Then a cop came out and told max that she was getting questioned first and she got up to leave but before she left she kissed me and started walking away until our hands no longer touched. Then I woke up