Uncle Sammy/sea turtle shower/super spy/nasty bathroom

Date: 6/9/2017

By MsBananaNanner

I'm going to preface this by saying this is the absolute longest continuous dream I have ever had, and I have no idea how I remembered it so vividly... First I was at my grandparents house, but it was not their IRL house. People kept coming by to look at it to buy it, but they would only come in the back door. There was this painting that was always pointed out, and it was a deer in the fall, and a house is in the background. There are little pumpkins all over the ground and tiny foxes holding oranges. I don't like the house because my room is super small, and yet my brother gets a cool room. Somehow I find the basement that we apparently didnt know existed. I look around and it's huge!! I find a bunch of giant rooms and I get so excited because now I can have a huge bedroom with my own bathroom! For some reason me and my parents are moving stuff downstairs(I guess we moved in? Or bought the house? Idk) it was an awesome part of the dream cause I just got to set everything up and whatnot. Then, back upstairs, people are still coming in and out, but now it is tons of people. No one goes downstairs, it's was like it was two houses...but not. Anyway at one points sam Winchester comes in and he is my uncle. (Yet deans not my dad so I don't know how that works?) anyway he comes and chats and then me and my mom find some video. It was of Sam like 5 minutes before and the lady narrating was saying Sam was possessed by a demon pointing out how you can see his eyes at one point. (I don't get the whole video thing it made sense in the dream...) anyway me and my mom are like "no way I don't believe it." I go back downstairs for a while and I see my brother has also found a room almost identical to mine and I'm so mad, cause I wanted to be the cool one with a giant room. I walk around downstairs to the windows on the back side, and there are these big black dogs running around like crazy and one jumps on the window and scares me half to death. Then I go over to this other bathroom to get it ready to move into. The house was kinda old and since the downstairs was never found it was all cobwebby and gross so I had to clean everything first. I hear the shower head going and it's spraying a tiny stream of water for no reason. My mom walks in and I'm like "hey I'm gonna turn this off, help me." (The shower head was really tall and I couldn't reach it) it's a detachable one so we pull it down to try and turn it off, but it goes nuts and sprays everywhere. We can't get it to turn off and we get soaked. My mom rushes out so I'm sitting there wrestling it trying to get it to go into the tub. Eventually my brother comes in and he is strong enough to control it. Then we start freaking out because the tub is about to overflow, so I hit the drain thing. Somehow we eventually we get it to stop. I see a sign that says something about whenever the tide comes in it sends ocean warmed water to your shower and it smells tropically (like coconut and whatnot) then I look in the tub and there are BABY SEA TURTLES!!!!!! They were so freaking adorable they had huge heads and big eyes. Anyway I don't remember what we did after that, but next thing I remember we are upstairs again and I'm all paranoid thinking Sam is a demon. I whisper cristo at him and he freaks out. (This is what I get for watching 6 episodes of supernatural in a row...) so then I'm freaking out because oh my gosh my uncle is possessed by a demon and there are like 200 people in our yard. I call dean but he never answers. Then I don't know if it switched dreams or something but now I am at school (it looked different than irl) and everyone and their mother(literally...everyone's mothers were there....) are standing by lockers. Me and whoever I was with (not sure who it was, I think it was my grandma?) were waiting to go on house tours to see which to buy. Everyone is handing out candy everywhere, but everyone just glares at us and won't give us any. People are walking around trying to organize all the groups and calling numbers for which team is next etc. There are these little robot things rollin around that move like roombas(they can get around obstacles) and one gets stuck on a shopping cart in front of us. (Why there's a shopping cart in the middle of the hall, I have no idea.) Dean comes over to fix it (although it was definitely my drivers ed teacher from highschool who acted like dean...they look alike IRL) The guy controlling the robot doesn't have a camera and is adamant that there is a serial killer in the vicinity. Dean/drivers ed teacher is frustrated and is like "no. Dude you're just stuck on a cart. Just go in reverse and you'll be unstuck." The controlling guy says "no if there's a murderer right there thats exactly what he would force you to say!" Deans all like "come on man protocol is so much work don't make me do that." They keep arguing but I sneak away and start walking down the hall. As I'm walking/running down the hall I see a bunch of other guys dressed in cop-like clothes like dean and some are wearing these white backpack things with a button remote thing in their hand that is wired to the pack. They are kneeling with their groups huddled around with all the people panicking. I realize that that is "protocol" and when they detect a murderer in the building they blow themselves up with their bomb packs and it blows up the whole school. (A bit counterproductive no?) anyway I sneak a pack from someone and put it on and suddenly I bust out all these James Bond moves and I'm running around the whole building narrowly escaping every time the Feds try to get me. I have all these people chasing me and trying to shoot me but I just outsmart them every time. I go into this glass room by the doors inside this huge room which is like an airport or a train station or something. I use my jacked access card then put in a code once I'm inside so that the door is locked and no one can get in the room. It's like a control room thing in the balcony but I have no way to get up there. Somehow I climb up on a big sign thing and can jump up there (cause apparently I can do epic parkour) the lady following me finally gets into the room but she can't get up to me. I finally get up to the balcony where there's this huge command/control desk thingy. I punch some buttons and I hear people flooding into the room. I stand back with my hands up, one hand on the remote in my hand. They surround me and I tell them I will go with them, but if they try to shoot me or anything like that I will detonate the pack which I rerouted with the controls so that when I press it it sends nuclear missiles at them. I go with them and while we are walking I give this super deep philosophical speech about power. I was pretty proud of myself (I meaning me, in my bed, sleeping me, not dream me) because it sounded so intellectual. If only I could remember what I said. I know it was something about the reason why I have power and they don't is because people know I will actually go through with my threats and they wouldn't (aka their bomb packs vs my nuclear threat) it was a very moriarty-ish moment. Anyway we end up at some weird warehouse place. I don't really remember what we did inside but I know I found one my friends tied up. I get her free and we attempt to escape. They catch us and are surrounding us again, but we just run through the tarps that are the walls. They run outside with their guns on us and I'm like "uh uh uh not so fast" and hold up the remote. We look down the street and see our friends in the car so we make a mad dash towards them, dodging bullets. We hurriedly jump in the back, then squash down below the windows. The other person shoots out the window at the Feds as we peel away. The person shooting gets shot but no one else does. Then there's a bunch of driving around town trying to lose them. There were lots of random things around town. like david tennant consoling some lady in a graveyard by a church that he was apparently the minister to??? Eventually we finally stop somewhere and we get out. Everyone else takes the wounded person to a safe house where they can treat her. Meanwhile I fly towards the mountains (cause whats a dream if you can't fly!?) don't know why I didn't just fly before though.... Anyway I eventually get to the top of a mountain that overlooks the city. I take off again a few more times until I eventually land and I'm in china. I'm at some little village and there's a kids camp going on. I figure I should be safe here and the Feds can't find me so I stay. My Costa Rican translator Eduardo is there and he's the only one who can speak English so he's the Chinese translator. I find some of my other friends there and they are afraid the Feds will find us because someone's been snitching. I figure it must be Eduardo so we try to see if he has an earpiece. He doesn't so we just try to blend in with everyone else. There's some sort of competition that I win (probably due to the fact that I can freaking FLY) so my reward is that I get to go canoeing first. (Whooo awesome prize....) we drive forever till we get into more civilization where there's a line to go canoeing around a little fountain in a pond. I go get in line since I get to go first, but then I have to pee really bad so I go to the bathroom/locker room across the street. (I guess we were at a waterpark?) except it was the literal nastiest bathroom I have EVER seen. There were like only a couple stalls and all the other "toilets" were like huge trash can type things and the stalls that there were had no doors. Everything was so disgusting and dirty and smelled awful. There was poo in pretty much every toilet and everything was covered in grime and filth. I started freaking out because every toilet I went to was horrid and I had to pee so bad I thought I would die (probably because when I woke up I had to pee really bad) finally I give up because I have to go so bad that I pick the cleanest one I can find which is still atrocious, but I had to go so bad. It was a weird trash can hole thing so I just sat on a ledge it was so weird. And it wasn't a stall so I had zero privacy so I tried to go as fast as I possibly could. Of course as soon as I sit down a dude walks in (its a freaking girls restroom that guys an idiot) so I'm like ohhhh crap I can't get up now because I don't have pants on and frick Im going to have to sit on this nasty thing forever. The dude is with some other girl and he's all black hair lip piercings dude. Then two dogs suddenly come running down the stairs (stairs in a bathroom?) and one is a nice pretty dog being chased by this evil looking huge one. The big one comes up to me barking rabidly at me and I'm just like shoo. All calm and serious haha. Then this older dude comes down and I'm like ugh what the heck what are guys doing here. I try to inconspicuously put my pants on without them seeing me. The older guys all mysterious and creepy and is like yo tell me your secrets rawr ah scary. I'm thinking oh no he knows about uncle Sammy no dont tell him! So I refuse to answer him so he puts me into a weird trance where I just see all my nightmares and am "sleep talking" (not really sure how to explain that) and when he's doing that its like I knew what he was doing but I couldn't keep myself from saying it. There's something about the dog that came earlier and it was somehow connected to the dogs I had seen at the house in the other dream, and when I got to the part about Sam I managed to twist my words so he didnt know what I was really thinking about, so he thought it was about someone else. Then the guy gets mad and walks out. And then the goth guy who had been glaring at me before is just looking at me stunned and then tells me that I'm "amaze balls" (no joke he said that exactly) and that he hopes we can talk again.....(what the heck creep alert!) his sister, who was the chick with him leaves all disgusted and the dudes talking to me, not really sure what he said, but I think he was trying to tell me he loved me. I got a bit creeped out but for some reason still thought he was really sweet. Then his sister comes back in all angry and is demanding my hair.(she wanted it so she could go canoeing first) I'm just like okay and I start pulling pieces of my hair out and making a wig for her. The dudes like woah what are you doing you don't have to give it to her. And I'm like nah she needs it more than me. Then I woke up.