I don’t even know what to call this

Date: 2/4/2019

By Victoria6

This was such a messy and long dream but I’ll write it anyways cause I’m trying to write all of my dreams down: My grandma made me wear a Russian dress, but it wasn’t even a Russian dress, it was like a ballet dress... anyways it was cute and we went into some skyscraper building which had a whole bunch of party’s with people drinking alcohol, I was scared because people scare me... my uncle turned into a cat and was chasing me around? Then I got lost.... I was really scared because there was a room where people were dancing with giant seals. People kept trying to pick me up and kept staring at me. This building is crazy!! There’s even a huge outside area INSIDE the building, I was there cause I thought I made my way out. I was alone until I saw a man I don’t know. He smiled and spread his arms out gesturing that I should hop into his arms. I did so because I trust him for some reason. He picks me up and puts me into a cage. I then use my invisibility powers against him so he won’t see me. Then I find 2 tall elderly ladies who said they were trying to find their way out also, I followed them. There was a time jump and we were finally out of the crazy building... but it was years later and now I’m an old lady. Then I randomly turned into my normal age again. I saw kinder surprise eggs, I got very excited because I used to eat those as a kid but not anymore since they’re banned in America. I ate it with some weird candy with my uncle and my sister and I woke up. This was a pretty weird dream.