Management On Their High Horse

Date: 5/16/2017

By Fitful

I was in a clearing, a little wooded area which was between high buildings and impossible to get out of, but also felt like it was the middle on nowhere in a forest. Confusing. It was raining and I had been abandoned by my party. I found another group also having difficulty. It was a camper full of animals. Their camper had fallen over onto its side and they didn't know how to answer it. I got in the thing with them, got o know the animals, and i tried to drive the camper thinking I could get us all out of here, but it wouldn't budge. The controls on this thing were too soft and when you steered it bumped around like it was its own bouncy house. Instead I shut us in for the night against the rain. I deliberately left out some fighting dogs which seemed disinclined to act civil and self aware. I left out a other animal too, I'm not sure which kind tho. The animals in the camper were all different kinds, but I know there were deer and forest animals. I concluded the camper was a child's toy and unusable. We would just have to wait for rescue. ~~ I was in a waiting room, it was annoying because either was a makeshift one in the basement of our apartment building. Something had happened and they wouldn't let us into our rooms. My own, room, well the door rather, was gone. The doors in that area had simply vanished. The management explained it was a pipe problem. Some pipe had burst. I waited for 5 days, leaving for work each day, them returning to the waiting room. I think for the first three days I slept in a camper. Finally I noticed a guy, whose room was past mine, got his door back and was in his room, with the door open. I was mad and demanded to know why I hadn't got mine back. They refuse to listen to me for a while and I broke down in tears on his lap while he sat on a glass filled mattress. It was fiberglass and someone pointed out to him he shouldn't sit on it. He didn't listen because he sat on it all the time and didn't get hurt. I did see the tiny pieces of glass in the grey fabric through my tears. A woman, management, came to get me and asked me personal question. I went off on her, about waiting for 5 days, and not having any clothes to change into. She seemed to think I'd done something wrong to lose my apartment and treated me thus. I waved my hand about and was pissed. Finally she asked me what the password was. I gave her possible passwords it could be (amazingly remembering various passwords I really use for various things online). When she got her tablet put she asked me again, because when hadn't been taking note of them. I recalled the word Fitful and she used that and she put it in. I got my door back instantly. I went to change but she got me back to interrogate me again. She asked me what was I going to do now? I went off on her again. Now? I was going to do the same thing Id been doing, working my ass off each day to pay for the thing, then sleeping. She purse her lips a lot and seemed to think it wasn't enough. Like I had to do something to justify having an apartment/room. She just continued asking me what to was going to do. ~~ Later I'm in a waiting room, it's this endless white place filed with seats with no backs, just colorful airport seats filled with people, all seemingly they were on welfare. I picked my way to a seat but each time I chose one someone moved their kids into my place. I just wanted to find a place to sit and eat the food I had. ~~ And just someone taking about me conflating male with female: and about how there as no difference between them.