Meditation vs. Rumination

Date: 4/10/2017

By Fitful

I was back at high school, in a small town. But I wasn't a student I was working with this fashion decorator who was doing the rooms up incredibly elaborate. I was his assistant. He made up this room in red panels over all the walls, and added white hanging lace pieces. They dipped from the ceiling with style and hung a few feet down each wall. It looked actually good and I was surprised because at first I thought I could do what he did, but his artistic vision was different from mine, in a good way. I was eager to see it finished. I got a phone call from this care for the home health place, they called and it was actually them calling from another company I had talked to, which I knew but I feigned ignorance because I was too apathetic to care. And I did feel this incredible apathy, like nothing mattered much anymore, and I needed to slow down. Hence the move out of the city. There was a click of high school girls, mean things they were, but they tolerated me because I worked with the fashion decorator and the rooms after he was done were beautiful. I was a part of making that happens so they approved of me, where normally I would receive their disdain as well. They tried to include me in their mean schemes and I didn't go far but I tolerated them back, professionally. I was meditating on the roof talking to the guy I worked with. I was so upset about something the apathy perhaps, it felt like a depression actually. I finally said "I really want to build a house" paused, "so bad" I added. But I didn't feel I had the money or the drive. We talked and I was meditating and floating in the air, about three feet off the roof, still level with the guy who was standing. As I talked about what I wanted I moved off the roof and floated there until the sadness weighed me down and I floated down, and down, and down to the ground. My legs unfolded three feet from the ground to stand on it solidly. The entire time I floated down the guy had to descend the stairs wrapped around the outside of the building to keep talking with me, I went a little faster then him. He seemed concerned for me. The pink haired girl, the queen of the high school click, suddenly didn't come to school. Her click collected me and tried to have me in on a laugh they were having. I finally stood up and said I don't want to be apart of their mean jokes. They laughed some more and told me they were laughing because the pink haired queen of theirs wasn't leaving the house because she lost all her hair. I did laugh at that. All of us agreed it was poetic justice. One day the guy I worked for disappeared, just vanished, and all the plant life in the small town turned to gold. It was quite the phenomenon, people from the city came to inspect it. I was asked to go back to the city. The city had this enormous police force, in fact it had burgeoned into the majority of the population. You never even saw a civilian anymore, just the police force and they were larger than any army ever. They were like swat police force too, decked out in the ultimate military gear all the time. They escorted me when I got to the city, they took me into their underground headquarters. They were transporting a man, a Spanish speaking man who was a criminal. He was wrapped in chains and straight jacket and on a gurney. Despite all these precautions he didn't seem dangerous or insane. Just a bit hurt. He called me by name and I frozen when he did, turned around, and went to him. The police, for all their presence, weren't very restrictive and I didn't feel like I had to do anything but was free to choose. The Spanish speaking man spoke with a heavy accent. Said I had to find this Spanish guy, he made me repeat the name several times. It had a few rolling 'R' s in it and I knew I wouldn't remember but I repeated it anyway. He said I had to find this man, he had an ancient tablet I needed to have. It was implied the ancient tablet was magic.