Date: 7/28/2017

By Carolina

i was at a tattoo shop and waiting for an appointment. i was asking about the placement of the tattoo and asking if it would hurt. the tattoo artist started sticking needles in my face to find out my pain tolerance. i felt her put needles in my forehead and check but it didn't hurt. her assistant brought out a bunch of ice teas and told me there would be a wait. i started wondering about the image of my tattoo since i couldn't remember. i looked through pictures i had and wondered if it was a lot like the tattoo i already have on my thigh. the assistant was supportive and told me what he liked about it. a younger woman assistant told me that "they said they wouldn't touch her" if she had "potato curlers". i instinctively knew this mean the little peeled pieces of curling skin that were part of my dream tattoo (but not part of my real life tattoo). i said i totally understood and admitted that they itch when they get hot. i secretly wondered what she meant and she explained that she would tell me about the health concerns it could cause later. i went home and kept trying to get advice about the tattoo. my whole family was in my childhood home and they were dancing drinking and laughing. my mom was playing the accordion and explained that she would never forgive me for not being there for the party. i said i would never forgive her for not being there to help me. we argued for a long time but she stayed at the party and i left. i kept agonizing about the tattoo and what i should do. if i should get something different. something else happened at this point but i can't remember