Magic school

Date: 9/19/2019

By astralenchantress

I was in an huge old fashioned house like a manor house, by the sea. I have been to the location before (in a dream) but I don't think I had the dream before. I was in a group of 5(-7) and there were 4 other groups. We where hunting these magic cards that taught us magic. We were going to be tested on our ability to cast but it turned dark. Some 'evil' creatures were trying to attack us. Only a few people could use the less powerful spells but not the combination. We had all 4 goddess cards which when combined would have stopped them but we were unable to master it as we were fleeing. The evil creatures were after a card we had but we didn't know which. We tried to escape by water but it was more dangerous. Finally we barageded our sleeves in the school. I remember a card with a tiger, it did to release it I had to make an equal sign with my (fingers)? followed by a +(?). I couldn't get it to work. I was too scared and unable to concentrate my intention. Combinations of cards are up to 4, you are the spirit. 1 goddess card with 3 other cards when done with 3 other mages each with a goddess card are near impossible to beat, even against someone with all 4 goddess cards.