My aunt got ran over by my grandma

Date: 1/25/2019

By miner9

I was walking along the road, approaching the street my grandma and aunt live on, when I see a long truck with a trailer pass by and look to see if I recognize them and could say hello. To my shocking surprise, it was my grandmother driving my late grandfather’s truck with a giant lifted-up squeegee trailer (cos dream). Now in reality my grandma had lost her liscence many years ago for accidentally running over my uncle so this was a shock to see her driving. She stopped when she saw me and showed off some backward driving skills, then let me in, but it was a random dream confusion that led to me being in the passenger seat and my aunt who was in the passenger seat being left outside. Suddenly my grandma took off, heading home and bragging about driving skills. At the same time I had to hit the steering wheel left to dodge my aunt, and keep holding to stop her from driving us off the road. When we got to the house it took her a while to even find the brake, but we slowed down as it was uphill. As soon as she hit the brake and the car stopped, I woke up.